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Serenity Marina 2013 Sailing Summer Camp

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“Set sail for a wondrous vacation”
2013 Sanya Marina Sailing Academy

Children's OP Sailing Summer Camp


Ⅰ. Objective
In order to enhance the sailing schools reputation and deepen parents’ and students’ perception of sailing, we’ve adopted authoritative, considerate, interactive and lively methods of training. These methods make the sailing summer camp into a summer camp which will enable youth to increase their knowledge of, love and appreciation for sailing. Thus the sailing school becomes more than a school, it becomes a club for training youth in the art of sailing.


Ⅱ. Key Activities

Activity: “Set Sail For A Wondrous Vacation”
Summer Sailing Camp
Activity Time: 09:00-12:00
End: 17:30
Location: Sanya Marina Sailing Academy
Target Age Range: 7 to 16
Participants: 6-20


Ⅲ. Summary of activities

Origins of OP

Optimist Class Sailing (acronymed OP), was invented and designed by Mr. Clark MILLS of Florida, U.S.A.  At that time, a group of parents trying to find ways to relieve their children of uninterestingly monotonous routines during their free time, suggested to Mr. Mills that he create sailing activities specific to children. Thus, OP was born.


The OP level sailing competition is an international project specifically tailored to youth sailing. It is formally recognized by the Olympic Council of Asia and the International Olympic Committee. The body of an OP level sailing boat and its sail are lighter and smaller in design.  This makes it easier for youth aged 16 and below to control. It can be regarded as a sailing boat designed for basic training. OP level sailing boats (single occupant, restricted to youth aged 16 and below) have a length of 2.3 meters, width of 1.13 meters, weight of 35 kilograms and total dimension of 3.25 square meters.


Currently, in more than 100 countries worldwide, there are more than 150,000 youth and teenagers using OP class sailboats to learn sailing, prepare for competitions and just have fun. 80% of the worlds sailing enthusiasts’ first sailing boat was OP class. The OP sailing boat has helped youth worldwide achieve their dreams of sailing on the open sea.


(1) What is OP sailing

OP Class is the only sport class sailboat designed specifically for youth. Using wind power on a sail to set a boat in motion instead of motors, OP Class boats are 2.3 meters in length, 1.13 meters wide, weigh 35 kilograms with a total area of 3.25 square meters. It’s the smallest class of sailing boat. Trainees are generally between 6 and 14 years of age.


(2) Benefits of participating in OP sailing:

1. Train youth to act independently; improve balance and coordination; enhance ability to make quick and accurate judgments; improve ability to work under stress and deal with emergencies including environmental; increase understanding and ability to control a sailboat.


2. Broaden general knowledge; learn and understand sailing culture; improve marine knowledge and knowledge of aerodynamics, hydrodynamics, friction; sharpen mathematical skills and judgment abilities.

3. Foster a new and more active lifestyle in youth; help youth realize the joy that physical activity can bring; encourage an optimistic and enthusiastic outlook on life.


(3) OP sailing training schedule

Course Summary:
Day 1: theoretical study (sailing structure and naming conventions, making sailors' knot);

Land-Based Training:
Day 2:
Understanding professional on-water sailing rules, wind direction, wind speed and general sailing conventions
Day 3:
Straight driving and tacking, steering and windward assisted operation;

Day 4:
Standard sailing practice.

Day 5:
Standard sailing practice and assessment.

(4) Safety
1. Introduction to professional sailing training equipment and lifesaving equipment such as lifejackets and lifeboats.
2. Students will always be accompanied by a full complement of professional trainers with years of sport sailing and teaching experience.
3. The activities have been specially designed with safety in mind.


(5) Method of Instruction:

On land and on water teaching and practical instruction


IV. Tuition
1. CNY 5588 per person (including lunch);
2. 6688 yuan per person (including all meals and standard accommodations for 5 days)
 Dancing with the waves is a chance to let the children discover their capabilities and reach beyond their perceived limits; to experience the fun and excitement of sailing on the open sea!






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