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Serenity Marina to Host World Yacht Festival in October

01-02-2014 18:04 Author:Yacht Club

The World Yacht Festival Organizing Committee held a news conference on July 29th at 3pm to announce that the “2013 World Yacht Festival” would be held at the Sanya Serenity Marina from October 16th to the 20th, 2013.

The internationally acclaimed World Yacht Festival is being held in China for the first time this year..  This is also China's first time hosting such a large yachting industry event. The events will consist of an international yacht exhibition, international yacht culture week and a world yacht economic forum, which will be carried out in the form of forum, yacht show, yacht picture exhibition and various cultural activities.

Distinct from domestic yacht shows, the “2013 World  Yacht Ceremony” presents more than an exhibition of yachts, but introduces the development of the yachting industry and its’ history. Images of yachts from 30 countries and regions being utilized in various ways including hosting weddings and other events will be on display. Videos will also be presented helping to spread the understanding of yachting culture.

Come on come all and experience the Sanya Serenity Marina!


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