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Yacht runs aground on rocks after trying to avoid wind farm

04-02-2014 12:09 作者:sanya yacht



A yacht ran aground on rocks at Redcar on Saturday evening after trying to avoid Teesside wind farm. Lifeboats came to the aid of the stricken yacht, which was being sailed for the first time by its new owner.


The two crewmen onboard were headed for Hartlepool Marina having purchased the boat at Whitby earlier in the day.


The grounded yacht was spotted just after 6pm by an off-duty Redcar RNLI volunteer.


Redcar RNLI's Dave Cocks said: "When our volunteer crew got alongside the yacht, the two men on board told them one of the men had just bought the yacht and this was their first attempt to sail it."


"In an attempt to avoid sailing through the Teesside Wind Farm, they decided to stay close inshore but unfortunately that brought them into contact with rocks off Redcar."


Two RNLI volunteers joined the crew onboard the yacht and waited for the tide to rise.


At 11.40pm the yacht was refloated and escorted to Hartlepool as the crew were unable to navigate the vessel in the dark.


Mr Cocks said: "Neither of the yacht's crew were able to navigate at night, so two of our crew remained on board for the passage to Hartlepool." 


"The yacht was not carrying navigation charts so, even if they had been qualified, they couldn't have plotted a route."



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