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 Welcome to Sanya. We hope you will enjoy you stay on this tropical island.



Sanya has strong sunshine year around, so be very careful with sunburn. People with sensitive skin should limit exposure to sunshine and use sun block creams.

As long as you stay on the coastal areas, there is no danger, but if you go to the mountains, you may encounter snakes.

The sea is usually pretty safe. Sharks are extremely rare, but jellyfish can be dangerous during springtime.



Police: 110

English language tourist police: 12301

Firemen: 119

Consumers'complaints: 0898-12315




Chinese Medicine Hospital: 三亚市二环路美丽之冠对面 Tel: 0898-88275345

Sanya People’s Hospital: 解放三路32 Tel: 0898-88250550

Hainan 301 PLA General Hospital: Haitang Bay, Sanya - Tel: +86 898-38866666

Dr. Liang dental clinic: 河东路40号山水云天大厦一楼 Tel: 0898-88382929



SURFING: Dadonghai beach, Houhai, Riyue bay.

DIVING: Dadonghai beach, Wushizou island.

ICE-SKATING: On 3rd floor of the Big Pineapple Mall on Dadonghai.



-          The Phoenix park located right near Feng Huang road is accessed by gondolas, and offers 360 degrees views on Sanya and surroundings

-          The Yanoda park, located an hour drive from the city is fun.

HISTORY: The small city of Yazhou is an hour drive from the city and offers old streets with Chinese dwelling dating hundreds of years as well as a small Confucian temple and museum that was the residence of exiled scholars in the past.

Specific tourist information brochures are available from our Yacht Club.



SPECIALTIES: Street food and BBQ can be found throughout the city. The famous ones that are open very late are found in the old city center on Shangbin road.



HUTAOLI: Trendy Chinese food and music in Yu Ren Ma Tou (15 mn drive from Serenity) 0898-88917779

DOLPHIN: An iconic pub and favorite of local foreigners. Nr. 99, YuYa Rd. Opposite to City Hotel and Summer Mall in Dadonghai. Tel: 0898-88215700

YOUNG BAR: Right next to Dolphin, YOUNG is the favorite of Russian residents.

DISCO PUBS: For a late night, these are all located in the golden triangle called “bar street” right in front of Visun and 时代海岸residences.



Small convenient stores can be found everywhere. There is a 24 HRS store 5 mn walk from the marina at the entrance of the fishing village.

For larger purchases we recommend the FIRST MARKET (第一市场) located on Lin Chun He Lu (临春河路) for fresh food and kitchen equipment, and the Wanhao Market  on the basement of the International Hotel Mall area (intersection of YuYa rd and Jeifang Rd.

Imported products and branded items are available on the 5th floor of the SUMMER MALL (夏日百货) on Dadonghai.

Ship supplies are available from two stores located 10 minutes from the marina on Nanbianhailu. Ask our marina crew for help in directions.

Tooling is available from the hardware store near the marina. Other ship supplies and larger tooling are available from various stores in the Sanya Harbor zone located 15 minutes from the marina(港务区). Again our reception and marina services can help you with directions.


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