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  • PADI Training Course

    PADI training course is not only continuously improved to meet the needs of divers, but also includes the modified and updated diving activities in the training course. Besides, the A.W.A.R.E marine environmental protection long-term plan initiated by PADI not only teaches divers to pay attention to the environmental protection, but also trains divers to be responsible. All the training course of PADI have the same exacting standards around the world, which is the biggest advantage of the PADI training system, no matter where the diver gets training, the skills and theories learned are the same, the only difference is the learning environment.

  • Sailing Academy

    The Sanya Marina Sailing Academy is directly affiliated with the Sanya Serenity Marina and began admission this March. The academy has exclusive use of 30 berths in the harbor, two multimedia classrooms and conference rooms. It will soon also have access to an aquatic sports center, a maintenance center, and a sailing supplies store.The academy conducts classes for both adults and children, with courses in OP and J80 class sailing.

  • Dive Resort

    Perfectly located directly on the world-class port and within the resort area our guests will find all facilities necessary for a relaxed and enjoyable holiday. Guests could enjoy the clear water and swim with a lot of tropical fishs.

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