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Marina Services

Everything you need including the following:

  • Minutes from the city, seconds from the deep blue sea. Ideal.
  • 325 Yacht and Sailboat Berths ranging in size from 10 to 40 meters (30 – 120 feet);
  • Hi-Q Concrete pontoons and mooring equipment;
  • Secure Electronic Doors;
  • Firefighting Equipment;
  • Diesel and Petrol Refueling;
  • Advanced sewage processing system including oil pump and overflow control;
  • Boat lift capable of up hoisting ships up to 11 meters wide or 100 tons in weight;
  • Sailing Academy;
  • Expansive Ocean View Platform;
  • Outstanding Meeting and Conference Facilities;
  • Private Yacht Club;
  • Clear, unpolluted waters;
  • Unobstructed, open waters;
  • Professionally trained staff;
  • Restaurants;Boutique Shopping;Hotel;Swimming Pool.
Marina Port Services

Port Services

Mooring Service:

  • During standard hours of operation our staff will gladly assist with yacht mooring and berthing.

Water and Power Service:

  • All of our berths are fully equipped with electricity and water lines.

Refueling Service:

  • Our authorized fuel quay can provide both diesel and petrol refueling. Advance reservations are appreciated but not required. For environmental protection, in port refueling may only be performed at the fuel quay.

Sewerage Service:

  • Grey and black water pump-out available. Large yachts should go to the fuel quay for pump out. For smaller yachts, we offer a mobile pump-out service.

Engine Oil Pump Out Service:

  • The fuel quay also offers an oil pump out service and used oil tank. All engine oils are to be disposed into this tank!

Towing and Salvage Service:

  • Our harbor team can assist with towing, pushing, and salvage services both at the harbor and in the vicinity of the marina. Please see our tariff list for more information.

Repair Service:

  • Our boat lift can handle ships up to 100 tons or 11 meters in width. We also offer complete maintenance and haul-out services including but not limited to overhauls, dry docking, scraping, painting, and gel coating.

Cleaning Service:

  • Even if you do not have a permanent on-board crew, our team of well trained specialists can help to keep your boat in top top condition. Services are available on either a contractual basis or on a one off basis before (or after) an outing or party.

Maintenance Services:

  • We are among the best in Asia with experts providing a comprehensive assessment of repair and maintenance services required. Our professional team can provide you with fixed daily, weekly, and monthly maintenance according to your needs. For large ship repair services, please talk to our shipping coordinator.

Crew Service:

  • A professional event needs a professional crew and our crews are nothing if not professional. From navigation to catering for your luxury cruise, we have the staff you need.

Charter Yachts:

  • Do you need a boat for a private outing or corporate event? Charter one of our yachts. Both power yachts and sailboats are available.


  • We provide training for crews and ship owners. Whether you want to learn how to operate a motor boat or a sailboat, we have both fixed curriculum courses and private tailor made lessons with professional instructors.

Chandlery and Catering:

  • Whether you are stocking up on supplies or hosting a dinner party, our ship store can provide most commodities, equipment and spare parts. For outings or parties, our F&B staff can also provide catered meals.

Dry Cleaning:

  • Including on-board cleaning of furnishings and carpets.

Crew Service:

  • Our first class team of crew members will provide you with professional ship management service, captaining, and luxury catering. You deserve the best and you'll get it.

Yacht Rental:

  • Whether it is for a business meeting or a private party, we look forward to serving you. Options include both motor yachts and sailboats.


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