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  • Sailing Academy

    The Sanya Marina Sailing Academy is directly affiliated with the Sanya Serenity Marina and began admission this March. The academy has exclusive use of 30 berths in the harbor, two multimedia classrooms and conference rooms. It will soon also have access to an aquatic sports center, a maintenance center, and a sailing supplies store.The academy conducts classes for both adults and children, with courses in OP and J80 class sailing.


    The Optimist is a small single handed dinghy create in 1947 for Children.They can handle them without danger, fear or back-strain.Optimists are used for beginners, but most sailors continue to race them up to 14 or 15years of age. Very small children are sometimes "doubled up" but usually the boats are single-handers. In this mode children gain confidence and improved skills: "The small boats train the champs".

  • Windsurfing

    This course is designed to improve the sailors techniques so they will be able to sail around a triangular course. Become confident in stronger wind, and be able to sail planning conditions using both footstraps and harness. A wider range of theory knowledge is expected.

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