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Serenity Marina No.2 Italian Luxury Brand Azimut 40S Yacht Charter

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Azimut is the world's leading leisure yacht brand.  It combines modern innovation, diligent research, and superior Italian craftsmanship to produce the highest quality product possible.  Whether a classic fly bridge yacht or a sport boat, Azimut's quality is apparent in all of its products, making it one of the best-selling Italian yacht brands in Europe, America, and Asia.

In 1985, the world's leading yacht manufacturer, Azimut, acquired Benetti, another yacht manufacturer, and formed the Azimut-Benetti group.  The group is headquartered in Avigliana Torino with Paolo Vitelli as CEO.  Currently the group has four plants.  The plant in Viareggio acts as the assemply center, while the Fano plant specializes in manufacturing fiber-reinforced composite (FRP) hulls.  The group has a year manufacturing capacity of about 350 FRP yachts of various models with lengths ranging from 39 feet to 165 feet.Aziumut-Benetti Group's three flagship yacht models are the Azimut, the Atlantis, and the Benetti.

Aziumut-Benetti Group's three flagship yacht models are the Azimut, the Atlantis, and the Benetti.


Serenity Marina NO.2 | The Azimut40s yacht of Italian luxury

"Original", Italy 
"Model", AZIMUT40S
"Length", 12.02m

"Average Speed", 25knots           

"Passenger capacity", 8-10persons

This yacht, known as the “Ferrari of the Sea”, pushes the limits of yacht speed and will put a smile on the face of any thrill seeker.  Quick and nimble as a sporting boat yet elegant and luxurious as any other yacht, the Serenity Marina No.2 is the perfect choice for anyone who would like a taste of the best of both worlds.

Perfect for family or small group outings, the Serenity Marina No.2 contains a master bedroom, a guest bedroom, a small refrigerator, TV, sofa, and bathroom.  Anyone who enjoys speed and comfort will have an exhilarating time on the “Ferrari of the Sea”.

"Seven VIP treatment, exclusive to you"

                                                              Embark in the world-class port with advanced terminal facilities
                                                              Warm and thoughtful VIP welcome ceremony
                                                              Full escort of professional team members, provide security guarantee
                                                              Onboard cuisine, tropical fruits, dried fruits and featured dessert are offered
                                                              Onboard wine, French wine or beer, mineral water and soft drink are offered
                                                              Sea fishing and other entertainment services
                                                              Enjoy the fun of driving experience

"Free configuration"

Personnel: captain, sailor, chief engineer ensure the normal driving of yacht and sailing.

Food: fresh fruit dish, imported white wine, mineral water, exquisite dessert.

Entertainment: welcoming garland, fishing rod, bait.

Others: personal accident insurance for each person.

"Charge services"

Yacht catering (reception meal, dinner, etc), note: reservation should be made 24h in advance.

Other recreational items: motor boat, rubber boats, etc.

"Rental price"

CNY"RMB", 8,000RMB/an hour        18,800RMB/3 hours        28,500RMB/5 hours


1.Use process: successful pre-payment-automatically send the e-ticket to the cell phone-verify and consume in designated location.

2. E-ticket sending time: 9:00 — 18:00, it will be automatically delayed to the second day. If you do not receive the electronic verification code within 2 hours in normal working hour, please contact +86 0898-38216962.

3. Refund note: if refund is needed, please +86 0898-38216962.

4. Customer service advisory: if you have any question, please dial 0898-38216961 or 0898-38216962 for consultation. 

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